Thursday, 7 June 2007

Comparing photosites - DropShots, Flickr, Photobucket, Webshots, Picasa

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I've started testing out DropShots, another new photo sharing site. Originally I thought Dropshots seemed slow, but after more testing (today is 2nd day) I've found that it was my own computers fault. I started using it with the web browser Flock, now I'm on Firefox - and its fast. Now photobucket is slow - guess it's due to what amount of traffic they get. Also Flickr is slow on occation.

I like DropShots' DropBox uploading tool although it doesn't have as many functions as Flickrs tool - nice for those not too savvy on these things. Webshots have a tool called Webshots Desktop. I wouldn't recommend using it (although I do on occation) - they nag on about all their extras (like the Webshots toolbar), and then fill your computer with spyware. My explorer still isn't behaving properly. However, their website is nice and easy to use - but stained with tiresome, blinking, stupid 'congrats you have won' ads.

Personally I'm quite fond of the Flock browsers integrated tools for viewing and uploading photos to Flickr and Photobucket. In Firefox you can use Fotofox - a quite similar tool.

The ads in DropShots are not as intrusive as in many other pic sharing sites. They use mainly AdSence, it seems.

Also it's a piece of cake using pics on other sites (like the one in this post), just click 'blog' and you get:
  • The HTML code for the photo - in the size you see here in this post
  • HTML code for thumbnails pointing to all your pics & videos of the same day (see below)
  • HTML code for thumbnails of your last 6 photos & videos posted (see right column)
  • The link to your webpage for email & IM
  • And finally you get the BBCode - for bulletin boards, message boards, or forums
Sunday, June 3, 2007

When I'm on it I might as well mention aaaanother photosite/webalbum-tool I use alot: Googles Picasa Webalbum. In conjunction with Picasa2 it works great! Mainly I use it for my family photos - although my family are chickens who don't dare beeing visible online, so most of the albums are hidden ;)


Børge said...

Just wanted to let you know of another photo sharing site that I've gotten quite fond of; Ipernity. I switched from Flickr to Ipernity a while back, and in my opinion they've taken some of the best stuff from Flickr and improved on it a bit. Someone else switching from Flickr more recently has written a great comparison between the two here.

You can see my photos here if you're interested.

If you try it, let me know what you think. :)

Roger R said...

Thanks for the tip. Haven't heard of it before.. have signed up and will try it out.

Like your photos btw! good eye ;)


Børge said...

No problem, I hope you like it! I added you as a contact, so I hope you'll upload some photos soon.. :)

And thank you for your compliment, that means a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a photo sharing site and have been deciding whether to choose flickr, picasa, bluemelon or ipernity.

From what I've seen this far, I will keep only the bluemelon account (and obviously, picasa, since I am not letting go of my gmail account, but I do not really like picasa much) ... I strongly recommend BlueMelon Photo Sharing if you think ipernity is good.